[Are there foreigners who want to learn Japanese or Japanese culture? ]

We have created a chance to receive professional guidance for free! !!

At NPO Brazil solidário Yokohama,

This time, it was adopted for the Japan Post New Year’s donation subsidy project.

We provide a service to study Japanese and provide Japanese culture lessons to foreigners free of charge.

Every Saturday night, at the Yokohama City Skills and Culture Center, you can enjoy creating a place to learn Japanese language and culture, acquire the skills necessary to live in Japan, and become even more fond of Japan. I hope you can.

Foreigners of any age and nationality do not matter.
Any foreigner can participate.

Date and time: Every Saturday
Japanese language class 19: 00-20: 00
Japanese culture lesson 20: 00-21: 00

Location: Yokohama City Skills and Culture Center (4 minutes walk from JR Kannai Station)
2-4-7 Bandaicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama

You can participate at the venue, or you can participate in ZOOM. If you want to experience Japanese culture, please come to the venue.
Please join us.

Participate in a Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 843 2623 4162
Passcode: 706134

Content: The Japanese lesson is designed to score 200 points or more on the JFT-basic (Japanese basic test).
JFT-basic is a test required to take a specific skill, so let’s clear this and aim for a higher employment.

Japanese culture lessons are designed so that you can actually experience and enjoy Japanese culture in order to learn about it.
With a wide variety of content such as Japanese dance, calligraphy, sword fighting (samurai), shamisen, and dressing, you can receive direct guidance from professionals in various fields.

Participation fee: Free.

Inquiries / Applications
Email bsyokohama1908@gmail.com

You can also apply from the Google Form of NPO Brazil solidario Yokohama.

Organizer: NPO Brazil solidario Yokohama
314 Daimura-cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama 1st Akimoto Building 2F

* If there are foreigners who would like to participate, please come and join us.


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